RotR Boarding Group solution

I understand why they are doing boarding groups at park opening, because they don’t want to encourage large crowds of people showing up 2-3 hours early. But why don’t they just hand out boarding groups 60 days out, just like the fast pass window? It couldn’t be that difficult for Disney to manage.

If you have purchased park tickets for say, April 1-5, then you could submit a request to Disney and they can assigned you a boarding group for a certain day & time. Then guests can plan the rest of their Disney trip accordingly.

The system now of choosing 60 days in advance which day you are going to Hollywood Studios, and then finding out after you’ve tapped in to the park that you missed out on a boarding group is ridiculous.


Your wish is coming - it’s going to have FPP that people can book 60 days in advance, but Disney hasn’t announce when.

I’m happy for the people that are doing this now, but when people do anything at a premiere it usually is going to be a work in progress. I know that’s not helpful to the folks in Orlando at the moment, but that’s the deal you make for going first.

I think part of it is uncertainty over ride reliability. If the ride is down for a prolonged period and they give next day FPs for it, they can reduce the number of BG given out the next day. Far advance BG they could end up hopelessly behind or have unused capacity that would require same day BG anyway.


Yes, this. ^^^^^

They knew the ride wasn’t reliable enough when they opened. An FP is a promise of a ride, and if there was too much down time they would have to compensate people with an FP for another time. Just like they are doing with the BGs now.

It will have FPs at some point. But whether they go straight to FPs or whether they move to stand-by only I don’t know.

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