ROTR Boarding Group Questions

Since there are two timings to get boarding groups, at 7am and 1pm, does this mean if you are able to snag one at the 7am spot it will board your group before 1pm? I’m wondering because there is a chance I might not get into hollywood studios until exactly 1pm. Additionally, anyone ever been let in late?

The other question is, i have an infant in my family, I know for park passes and dining sometimes it selects my whole family… and then tells me there’s an error since one person is not ticketed (the baby). Will this issue occur with trying to get a boarding pass? I’m nervous that if i dont “uncheck” my infant it wont go through… on the flip side, what if i waste .5 second unchecking him and lose out. Why does do these things have to be so stressful lol.

The first question is easy. No, there is no guarantee your BG will be boarded before 1pm and in fact is is highly likely there will still be BGs still waiting. Actually there is no guarantee your BG will even be able to ride at all.

The BG system was introduced because the technology is unreliable; had they used the FP+ system it implies a “promise” to ride, which would then be a big problem of the ride went down for 3 hours.

If by 1pm there is still a backlog of BGs left to board they will limit the number of BG slots available in that drop.


The 7 am groups that are given usually run through the later afternoon. There have been reports that groups are accepted way past their return time. But that’s not guaranteed.

Your infant will not be automatically selected so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Just stick to the process of hitting join quickly.