Rotr bg q?

Our trip is finally in 2 days and I’ve practiced getting a BG but just realized that I may get stuck after selecting party. We have our toddler with us who doesn’t have a ticket/park reservation (since he’s only 2). If I remove him from my party in MDE then won’t his plans all get erased? But if I deselect him when I’m frantically clicking join that’s another second or two lost and I’ll probably not get a BG. Any tips?

You don’t need to deselect him.

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Phew! Thanks!

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You don’t stop to check anything, select or deselect anyone. Just hit Join, join, join. As fast as you can.


Shannon from WDW prep school was chatting about a glitch which does sometimes impact people with under 3s when trying to get a Boarding Group in a recent podcast. It’s intermittent, but should it happen to you, go to guest services and explain - they know it has been an issue. Most people don’t experience it but straight to guest services if you do.

Thank you!

We were there in May with a 2 year old in our group, we had no difficulty. My son was able to get BGs 3 out of 3 days at 7 a.m. Don’t delete anyone, just click Join.

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