ROTR BG: Can You Get One in RD Crowds?

I actually already posted this question in the ROTR BG Data topic, but thought I might get more traction here, as well as make it easier for others who are curious to follow!

Our day at HS will be March 19th (CL 10). We plan on getting there early and rope dropping MF:SR. Does anyone have any experience standing in the RD crowd to get into MFSR and trying to get a BG? Good or bad? Three people in our group and we have Verizon. I know where you stand makes a difference for wifi, just didn’t know if it affected the cell service part of it.

I mostly want to know about that, but feel free to post the areas you’ve had success getting BG if not in the RD crowd!

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We did. We RD’d MSFR and boarded in 20 minutes. We secured our BG for ROTR before we even started moving towards the ride. Got BG 28.


I’ve been home backup for a liner if you need one @Delaney_Jones. Just DM me if you want me to log in along with you and try. I have 0% success rate though. The people in the park always beat me to the punch, but if it makes you feel better… my services are offered at no cost.


Thank you! I will keep that in mind and let you know closer to time!

Thank you for this! Do you guys have Verizon or another provider? Also, did any in your group use wifi or just cell service?

What time did you arrive at the park? I’m planning to RD MSFR and was thinking 6:30ish for an 8am open. Is that too late? too early? We want to be near the front of the line.

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We both have AT&T. We both turned our wi-fi off.

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6:30 should be good. We were staying at BWV and left there to walk over around 6:30 for an 8:00 open. We made it to the park around 6:45. We didn’t bring bags so we skirted those lines and went straight to the lines for taps.

A little confused. A bit older and not real tech savvy. If you turn off the WiFi what are you using. For our upcoming trip I will be using my iPhone 11 and other will have the iPhone 10, both AT&T. Been to Disney many times and have never had the angst that I am having over this attraction. Any chance that they will have this mess worked out before the first week of May? Not looking good so far :frowning:

You’d be using your mobile data.

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If you use the tips here, you’ll be way ahead of most. Roughly 85% that you’ll get a BG your first shot. So prepare but don’t fret. That said, I highly recommend planning a great day assuming you don’t get a BG, and then count it as a bonus if/when you get one. Disney is too amazing to let one ride control the success of a day!


AT&T seemed strong everywhere we checked in HS. Main thing is open app a few minutes before 8 but dont click around. Right after 8:00:00, try to get a group. Maybe 1 or 2 seconds after 8 AM.

I hung out with a friend of mine who just got back this week. (Feb 21 - Feb 27) She went to DHS twice and did not get a BG or a back-up BG. They did arrive before RD. She said on the first DHS visit, Feb 25th, they had issues with using MDE / not refreshing properly and on the second visit, Feb 26, they were just all gone in seconds.

From what I saw on the TP RotR BG tracking these were bad days for RotR overall. Fewer BGs issues and admitted back per hour.

I will say she is not a WDW “expert” or Liner, but felt she understood the BG process in advance. She was extremely angry about it.

I know this is “I have a friend…” style talk, but I swear it’s true.

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Wasn’t the 26th the day that BG’s could be reserved without tickets or tapping in (and incidentally RotR was down for, like, half the day?). That is an anomaly which, while awful for the people there, I don’t expect to repeat anytime soon.

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I know it was down for an extended time that day. Not sure which day was the “book from home” glitch.

My reason for posting was to let OP know that while I hear positive stories about getting BGs, it is still a reality that you can go multiple times and not get even a back-up BG. This will hopefully prepare OP for that possibility and mitigate expectations. :smiley:

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This makes me so sad for her and nervous.

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Yea… SW:GE / RotR was the main reason they went to Orlando from TN. She’s still very angry by it.



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Not sure what it will be like when you go, but when we went in January the RD lines did not move until a few minutes after the BG chaos. Once the BGs were gone (within 1-2 minutes) they lines started to move toward TSL or GE.