Rose and crown walk ups?

Does Rose & Crown have much walk up availability usually? We last minute decided we’d love to eat there if we can next week but can’t find ADRs for the day I want. Just curious…

It’s typically very tight. I lucked out one time by being in the perfectly right place at just the right time; I was a solo and a two-top cancelled right as I was standing there.

Thanks! I won’t count on it then! I do have it being washed on the ressie finder though incase.

I’ve walked up twice in mid-August and was seated for a party of 4. I think it just depends on how crowded, time of day, etc.

Better try earlier rather than late. The closer you get to Illuminations the more tables are held for longer leaving less turnover.

Keep checking regularly. You may find something as people cancel before they are charged. Set the ADR finder.