Rose and Crown Outdoor seating?

Just saw that there is a “relaxation station” next to the Rose and Crown and I’m wondering if that is the outdoor seating area, meaning no outdoor seating for that restaurant. Does anyone know? I’d really like to have dinner there but want to sit outside.

On a related note: with the change in mask policy, are the relaxation stations even a thing anymore?

That was the outdoor dining area for Yorkship Fish Shop which has now reopened. They did open a new relaxation station in Morocco to replace that location in the UK.


Good question!!!
I kinda’ like the idea of having a place to sit and relax. I’d love for them to create something like this for the future instead of us all trying to pile into QS and hold/keep a table from someone waiting to dine.

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We used that area in March - it’s to the south (France) side of the Fish Shop, which was open when we were there. There’s a large seating area south and then some more spots behind the building. I don’t think you had to have food (again, a few months ago) to sit and relax.

I think, what you’re asking, is whether you can have dinner, outdoors, at R&C? Based on what I saw, I’d say, Yes. IIRC, that seating is on the North (Canada) side of the building.

Ok. I wanted to be sure… because I realize my words were wishy-washy. So, I google mapped.

Red circle is the relaxation area. Blue circle is outdoor seating at R&C

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I want to go to the south of France!


Yes. My sisters ate outside at Rose and Crown last Friday.

Good question on the relaxation stations though.

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I haven’t heard for WDW, but OI has reported Universal eliminated a number of theirs (if not all).

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