Rose and Crown for Illuminations: which time to keep

I currently have the option of 7:10pm or 8:00pm. Neither is ideal as 7:10 is a long stretched out meal and 8:00 may reduce my chances of getting outside seating.

Which would you keep if the goal was a relaxing meal with Illuminations?

Ps. 9:00 Illuminations

I would do the 7:10, show up a smudgy bit late, and indicate willing to wait for table with view

By table with a view, do you mean inside by a window? I was just told on chat that you cant get table on patio anymore for illuminations due to a dinner party thing specifically for the show, and it’s expensive.

I have bad news for you though.

Ther is a new dining package starting which gives you seating on the terrace for Illuminations.

Which means that a normal reservation presumably won’t give you access to the outside seating. Otherwise those who paid for the package would be (rightly) complaining.

I’ve actually never been there (R&C) so I will defer to those who have. But that’s what I’m imagining, yes.

At La Hac I definitely mean window.