Rose and Crown Fireworks October

I’m a little rusty, We want to book The Rose can Crown for Firework viewing on Oct 5. What time should we book? (Booking in the morning - I know last minute advise here)
Also, after a pretty good amount of research, we think we will like this the best over other Fireworks viewing diner reservations. Thoughts?

I can’t book anything at EPCOT (other than Coral Reef) past 7pm on 10/4… and that was with a leading reservation.

I am hoping that it means they are coming out with some kind of fireworks package? But who knows???

I am looking to book La Hacienda. I have been checking multiple times, every day.

Oh, are you saying no Fireworks packages are even available?

No dining reservations at all in World Showcase after 7pm, near as I can tell.

… I just checked on 10/5 (our departure day so I never checked before) and there us a Rose & Crown available (I was searching for 2 people) at 8:40pm!!

La Hacienda still has no seatings after 7pm.

Thank you! Are fireworks at 9?
So, book b/w 8 and 9?

9:45 Harmonius. Park closes at 10:00.

I saw that Rose & Crown availability on 10/5 once… it wasn’t there when I went back.

I had set the Reservation Finder for La Hacienda and I was just notified… finally was able to grab one at 9pm on 10/4!

Good luck for the 5th!


We got it at 8:40!


Do yourself a favor on that day (if you can), and stop by the reservations desk earlier in the afternoon and put in a request for outdoor seating. I am pretty sure we did this on the wonderful advice of one Mr. @len Testa. They cannot guarantee anything, but it worked for us on a previous trip with two small children along, we basically received the premium outdoor dining spot and a little extra magic to end our day there. It never hurts to ask.