Rope Raising....any tips?

My DH and I are headed to the world in a couple of weeks, to celebrate my 50th birthday!! Kind of fun to think that WDW and I were born the same year… :slight_smile: We are staying at the Poly, which is a huge indulgence for us, and made possible by the DCP discount my daughter’s girlfriend is facilitating for us.

We’ll be doing 4 park days, and the Boo Bash, and I’m considering making it an entirely rope raising trip. Historically, I’m a pretty consistent RD’r, hitting it hard at the beginning of the day and then heading out of the parks by 4-5pm to crash at the hotel or airbnb. I did do one day of free-and-easy with my daughter and her girlfriend this summer…they challenged me to do a HS day with “no” planning, and no elbow-punching death march at RD, and it was actually pretty fun. We did end up RDing, but in a casual, I-dont-care-if-you-cut-in-front-of-me kind of way. We did do a little bit of “planning” along the way… basically just deciding where/what we wanted to eat about an hour in advance so we could MO and not wait forever for food. I think all of us knew the parks well enough to have an intuition about which rides to do in which order, and we were okay skipping something and coming back to it later if the lines were too long. It wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip for us, so that certainly took the pressure off.

That makes me want to do a whole trip of free-and-easy with my DH. Sounds kind of nice to sleep in a bit, and roll into the parks later, and actually see the parks after dark. And we are AZ people, so our bodies will likely have an easier time with the Rope Raising clock than they do with the RD clock.

But then I think about how much shorter the lines are at the beginning of the day, and if we roll into the parks around noon (give-or-take an hour), that’s just when the lines are starting to ramp up, and why would I want to stand in line forever, especially when I know how to avoid it??!?

So… I’m torn. RD or RR??

I have some ADR’s that will facilitate the RR, but I guess I could make a second set of ADR’s in case we want to switch to RD? But then the Boo Bash is smack in the middle of the trip, and that’s obviously a RR kind of event, and it would be mean to our bodies to switch to RD after doing RR…

I mean…is a full RR trip a bad idea?


With everything going on the no plans strategy seems nerve racking. However, a rest and relaxation trip sounds wonderful. Especially at Poly. Rent a pontoon or a SeaRaycer. Eat/Drink around the World. In fact, you could show someone like me what RR at WDW looks like …


What the heck is this new term “rope raising”???

Help me understand

I guess it means “park closing”

The first will be last and the last first.

I will argue that since the real RD will only be available during ETPE, the real RR will only be available during EETPH.

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How long is your trip? Can you do a bit of both?

The time difference coming from UK makes RDs very easy, so we’ve always hit the main attractions early in our trip. Then we gradually adjust over the trip to making it to late events and fireworks which are usually followed by a late start day.

Maybe you could do the opposite.

(And thank you for explaining RR. I’ve heard of RD to Close, but not generally RR. Still thinking on ETPE and EETPH - something to do with extra magic hours, or evening extra park hours?)

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Let’s just call it park close like we always have. Rope raising? No offense intended but that’s just dumb.


Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Theme Park Hours.

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Rope Lifting… or Rope Elevating? Entirely up to one’s preference…

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It’s park close. There is no rope anything. :woman_facepalming:t2:


:joy: :wink:

I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all! Especially if you are staying at the Poly. The downside is that you probably won’t be riding as many rides, but not as much of a deal if this is not your first trip.

And what a way to celebrate a 50th birthday! Exciting!

Agreed. This phrase is cringy and weird to me. Park close is good. There’s no rope. :joy:


I mean, what people do in their resorts that may involve her up after park close is up to them but I don’t need to hear about it


I just now realized rope raising meant park close. I had no idea wtf it meant and just skipped over it as a word entirely whenever I saw it mentioned.

In context, I thought it meant rest and relaxation. :crazy_face:

Another vote for park close. The term rope raising is confusing.

Hey, sometimes the rope just raises itself

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So… now it’s a skipping rope?

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Don’t encourage them.