Rope Dropping TSMM

Cool to know that you got to Buzz and Woody and TSMM in the first 15 minutes of the park opening.


would you recommend meeting the toys before riding midway mania, or riding the ride before the meet & greet?

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I think its a tough choice if you will be going when it’s down to only 1 track and no FP. There were 2 tracks going when we were there.

It’s really a tough choice but I would go with TSM first and then see what the character meet wait is. Or go late at night for the characters.


I think it was an anomaly honestly. We went with our gut that time and made the decision on the fly. I don’t think it will work that way once it’s down to 1 track. :frowning: it’s going to be tough to do both.

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Mother’s Day is our day at HS. currently it has a CL of 4, but who knows. We have a Fantasmic dining package and have never seen the show so we cant do the meet & greet at night. My plan was to hit TSM at rope drop and then bolt over to meet the toys. I really hope its not more than a 30 minute wait to meet them. REALLY wanna be in line for RnR before 9:00am!

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I say go with that plan but prepare your kids ahead of time that you might have to skip the toys! Or be willing to wait 40 minutes later in the day. It’s a fun line though and much better than most character lines.


ok, i’ll come out here… there are NO kids on this trip. Just three giant babies doing a week at Disney! lol I have an RnR fastpass for the evening before Fantasmic and meeting as many characters as possible is our goal. Over 7 park days, I have a goal of 42 characters to get pics with. I think we can do it. Were going from EMH rope drop til close every single day, but have nice long meal breaks and lots of shows and chill stuff to enjoy during the afternoons. lol we MUST meet the toys! :smile:


Does anyone know when they are limiting TSMM to 1 track? Has that already happened? I’m planning on going to HS on May 3 and rope dropping TSMM, but I’ll be 5.5 months pregnant with my 3 year old son and 70 year old mother in law, so we won’t be the very fastest movers. I hoping to wait half an hour for the ride. We’re going on a projected crowd level 4 day, park opens at 9.

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No. To my understanding all that has been officially announced is that FPP would be suspended for a month from early/mid April through early/mid May and that some closing of tracks would be necessary to finish work.

Unless I am wrong, nothing official has been announced by WDW about the timing of the limited tracks or when FPP availability will be restored.

There is lots of guessing, but, as far as I know, it is only that.


Great, Thanks! I knew FPP was not available during my trip but didn’t know when they were reducing to one track.

9th of April I think, until 7th of May.

We know that FPP booking was initially available again for the 25th of June, although that’s now been removed. Certainly people have FPPs for June 30th, i.e.: opening day!

And to prevent the inevitable question, this is from those that have the CL extra FPPs which can be booked 90 days out.

Thee are also reports that FPPs will be bookable again “after May 8th”, but it isn’t clear if that means they will be available for use after from May 8th (albeit available late) or that from May 8th you can book FPPs for when TSL opens. Or something else. Guess they don’t want to jump the gun and announce one thing and then have to change it.

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I just asked this same question and someone posted this helpful assessment of what happened the first day with 1 track, no FPP.


We have a H&V reservation at 8:05 will that help us get quickly to TSMM? I’m unfamiliar with the park opening procedures at HS.

Hi @ktjdisneymom,

It won’t help at all.
They normally open the gates about 30 minutes before and the crowd is held at the end of Hollywood Boulevard.
Even if you exit H&V at 8:50, you’ll still be behind that crowd.

The only advantage of H&V for breakfast is for the Jedi Training Signup.

When I was there just a couple weeks ago, the Rope location on that side of echo lake was at the front of the Indy show; everyone could access JTA signup before rope drop. A H&V ressie had nothing to do with it.

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I agree that everyone ropedropping (and entering the park at 8:30ish) will have access to Jedi Training.
However, with an ADR H&V, you’ll have access to the park earlier than 8:30 and be the first to signup.

Was there April 10 at rope drop. 10 minute max wait.

Just curious, what time did you get to the park that day?

I couldn’t get a FFP for TSMM for 6/27. I assumed they were not handing them out since I was able to get all other FFP that week. Should I keep trying to get a FPP??

They arent handing anymore out until toy story land opens 30th June so it’s rope drop or long queues!