Rope dropping TSL

Can anyone provide advice about just how early I should arrive to TSL for rope drop? I’ll be there either 7/5 or 7/6. No FPP for SDD or AS2. I know for Pandora that people were arriving ~90 minutes before rope drop. Does that seem reasonable? Or should I plan for earlier?

I don’t think anyone will have a clear idea until TSL opens in 2 days.

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Not a direct answer, because the “real” answer is that no one knows yet, but here’s an observation. There was an unannounced “soft opening” for TSL today starting at around 4:00 (they just moved the planters and let people start filtering in. Within an hour SDD had a 120 min SB line and AS2 had an 85 min line. You’ll be there only about a week after opening, so it will be very popular. I’d keep tuned in closely to se what happens over the next few days…

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also there will be emh for onsite guests which is at 7am, so unless you are onsite there isnt really a rope drop as will already be queues

Looks like they opened at 6am today. I think I’ll shoot for 5am. Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I am onsite. Just trying to get a ballpark idea of when to show up to be toward the front of the RD crowd.


Yes, they opened at 6:00. By 8:00 the line for SDD was up to 270 min. By 10:00 the land was closed to capacity and had a 90 min wait just to get in.

Aha. That would explain the warning you get when trying to place a mobile order at Woody’s Lunchbox. It read something along the lines of placing the order does gurranty addmission into TSL, and to only hit you’re there once you’re actually in TSL. Shortly after I noticed WLB stopped accepting mobile orders all together.

I know. I’m supposed to be at MK until 1am that morning too :sleeping:

Wow. That’s impressive. You hardly need a hotel room for that night.


Yeah. I am questioning if I’m going to make it that late at MK. I don’t have any FP for Slinky or Aliens, so I feel like that is more important! We’ll see what my stamina is like :slight_smile:

I agree. For me getting to ride SDD and AS2 would be more important.

apparently yesterday was a lot quieter already, although still long queues for sdd, there was no queue to actually get into TSL. i would see what the waits are like over the next couple of hours to judge, not sure i could contemplate a 5am arrival at tsl. We have another month until our trip but my plan is to arrive around 6.45 at earliest, but i am lucky in that i have a SDD FP for 8.55 so just want to do ASS and TSMM before then and breakfast at woodys.

I’m monitoring reports closely. We are RDing on 6/19 and I’m hoping it has somewhat calmed down by then.

You mean 7/19 I hope?! :smiley:

Yes…sorry I had just woken up. :slight_smile:
Definitely 7/19!

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