Rope dropping the best Queues in MK

I was wondering if it’s worth Rope Dropping the best Queue lines in MK.

As an exemple, for my trip in late February 2018 (Crowd Level should be below 6 - PotC is in Reburb), my initial plan for DAY-1 in MK was to do Jungle Cruise - BTMR - Splash Mountain at rope drop (less crowded in the early morning), and then tour Fantasyland with FP+ for Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan and 7DMT. Is it worth changing the plan to rope drop Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion and BTMR and take FP+ for Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise and 7DMT ?
I was trying to avoid rope dropping in Fantasyland (where much of the crowd goes), but I do think this is the only way to have a look at the queue for Peter Pan and Haunted Mansion without the 30+ minutes wait.

On DAY-2, I have an early ADR at the BOG (8:00) and I was wondering if I should rope drop 7DMT or Space Mountain (and take a FP+ for the other).

What are your thoughts on that ?

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If you can do the PP queue, I would. I must say I have only been in the 7DMT queue twice, and both times were at parties, but that one is fun too.

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Second day 7DMT- you are right beside it and will be close to the front. Get a FP for SM (and Buzz if you plan to do it). As for day 1, depends on how important preshow queue is to you. If you have FPs for the Fantasyland rides- I would keep them (but that’s me). Or…you could go straight to PP at RD, do just that- then go over to Liberty Square and Adventureland for those attractions. Crowds won’t be an issue after RD- most of the MK pressure is still on 7DMT, then the masses dissipate into the various ride queues so you will be able to cross into Liberty Square easily. Most reports I have read from people that do PP first (including my experiences) are that you will be on and off that ride quickly. There shouldn’t be much pressure on the lines on the other side of the park for a while after RD, as most people tend to finish out the popular rides in Fantasyland (or Tomorrowland) before heading over to that area. Obviously this would be a lot of park crossing- but you get done what you want to get done and can still see the queues. If you have little kids- I would keep the FPs. No sense wearing them out crossing the park multiple times first thing in the morning just to see a couple of queues- but again, that’s just my opinion.

Make a personalized TP with everything you want to do and see what the Optimizer says you should do first.

I agree. PP queue is worth going through if you can do it at a time when the wait would be reasonable. We did it at end of day on an evening EMH and waited about 25 minutes. That queue is the coolest!

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My question for you guys regarding rope dropping the MK: can you experience the new MK welcome show and still get a decent spot in line for attractions like 7DMT and PP? I know if we ever make it to MK that early, my kids are going to want to watch that show!

You can’t get past the ropes to get in line for the attractions anyway, until the welcome show has completed.

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Thanks for all your answers.

TP tells me that my initial plan (JC-BTMR-SM and than HM (FP+) and PP (FP+)) is bit more efficient than PP-HM-BTMR and than SM (FP+) and JC (FP+). However, I think I’ll give a shot at rope dropping Peter Pan.

Happy_2_B: I have kids (6 & 8 years old). I Agree with you: I don’t want to do a lot of Park Crossing. In fact, to reduce walking time, I think I’ll go:
Peter Pan
Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain (FP+)
Railroad to Fantasyland
Mermaid (another great queue ?)
7DMT (FP+)
Belle (FP+)
and I’ll take a FP+ Day-2 for Jungle Cruise

Just got back- and we did PP at RD. You could pull off PP- probably not 7DMT. What you need to understand is that the people in the rope drop line don’t care about the show- they are sneaking up the sides- thru the middle- whatever it takes to jockey for forward position to get on the ride with a minimum wait. To see the show, you can watch from a line- but it wouldn’t be optimal. If this is important to you- what I would do is watch from the castle forecourt then ‘pray’ that they open up the tunnel through the castle- ramp to the left up into the castle tunnel is almost a direct line to PP. If they don’t open it, you can still go down the same path as the 7DMT people- and PP will still be available since almost everyone focuses on the coaster. Try for a FP for 7DMT- you don’t want to expose little kids to the RD escort to the train- even though it is a walk- it is still a mountain of people aggressively maintaining their positions in line.

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Helpful info @Happy_2_B. Thank you!