Rope dropping NRJ and FOP fastpass timing

On my 2nd AK day (9am opening non EMH) I want to rope drop Na,vi River Journey and then fastpass flight of passage immediately. I know its not the most efficient to fastpass in the morning, but I don’t want to crisscross the park.

Touring plans says that if I rope drop NRJ I will exit at 9:35. But this seems quite late. Everything I’ve read says they open NRJ at 8:40 and its walk on. So can I get to the turnstiles at 8:25 or so, get on NRJ and be off before 9? I’d like to do 9am FOP and then move on from the land. Is that realistic?

Also, since they are opening FOP at 8:40, does that mean no one can use fast passes for the first 15-20 minutes since the fastpasses don’t start until 9?

You’ll be out well before 0900 if they continue current practice. 0900 FOP FPP would be ideal for this method.

I have a 9:15 FPP for FoP and want to ride NRJ first. My plan is to show up a few minutes before 9. Does that seem right? We have a 10:40 at TH, if that matters.

I got to AK around 8:45 on a 9:00 open. Walked right on Navi. You’ll be finished with it by 9:15 with no problem.


I would probably aim for 8:40 at the latest, just to allow for clearing security.

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You are awesome @OBNurseNH! Thank you!

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

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To be clear - there are not morning extra magic hours that day, right? If there are, that changes everything.

We have a 9:15 FPP for FOP next Friday (AK CL 8) and will be heading for Na’vi first. I can report back. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback.

Do you know if you can get into the FOP fastpass line prior to 9am?

Not sure about that. I would guess that the same rules would apply to that FPP as to any other WRT grace period.

That seems really late. We did NRJ at RD last month. We went through the tapstiles 5 minutes before park opening at 9am. We walked over to Pandora and there was no wait on NRJ–we just walked on. It’s about a 5 minute ride I think. There still wasn’t a wait when we got off the ride.

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