Rope dropping HS tomorrow, need opinions

My wife and I want to rope drop HS tomorrow to go on SDD. We are staying at pop. Should we rope drop skyliner at 8 to get over to HS about 8:15 or take bus at like 7:45?

We got to AK a little late this morning at about 8:30 but luckily only had 60 minute wait for FOP.

I’d get the bus about 7.30, but I haven’t been since SWGE opened.

Earlier this week I opted to take an earlier bus. It meant a longer wait at the rope but after I got there it filled in behind me pretty fast. One thing in your favor is more people will go to MFSR than SDD. Good luck and enjoy

We took bus at 7:30 as we were ready to go. Skyliner was running already and we saw people getting off of it at HS when we got here about 7:45.

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