Rope Dropping Frontierland with Early Entry

Want to Rope Drop BTMRR and have hotel early entry. Are we better off waiting with the masses at the hub Liberty Square or Adventureland rope drop entries, or should we use early entry and get in the rope drop queue by Haunted Mansion?

Will Frontierland be open at early entry? In my experience, no. Neither was Adventureland, which makes it a great entry point to get to Frontierland. Not a lot of people. I vote Adventureland to Frontierland at rope drop because both will be a dead zone until official open.

No only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

I personally would use EE to ride something there and then join the queue at Haunted Mansion.


I agree.

My reason is that there will be people at the Hub waiting to go to Frontierland. And the Hub holds more people than the path from HM.

If you were at the front of both groups the Hub might just be quicker, but the chances of being at the front are greater at HM.

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I don’t think there is a huge difference. If it’s a very busy day (I guess they all are now) the hub might be more packed.

Check out this blog post for some insight: Magic Kingdom Rope Drop and Early Entry Strategy 2022 - Mouse Hacking