Rope-Dropping Frontierland on morning EMH Day?

We are going to MK on an 8 am morning EMH day. Will spend most of the EMH hour in Tomorrowland. If we want to be in the RD crowd to get to Frontierland at 9 am, where do we best position ourselves, coming from Tomorrow land? Are there areas in Fantasyland where the EMH crowd can line up, where the rest of the RD crowd will not be? I’ve never done EMH and can’t quite envision how the EMH sections are divided/contained as opposed to the regular 9 am crowd.

If you went as far past IASW as you can, there will be a rope there.

From there, I think it’s possible to get past HM and headed towards Splash and BTMRR before the rope drop crowd from the Hub, who will be held actually at the Hub.

Even so, your chances are good of at least not being in a huge queue.

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So the rope there will basically be holding the EMH crowd only, since regular RD crowd can’t get there yet? That sounds great.

Can I assume this is true if you RD Frontierland following a PPO at BOG?

Yeah, there’s a rope across the path at some point before HM and I think before the Tangled bathrooms lol!

So you’ll be heading to Liberty Square past HM at the same time as those at the Hub heading to Liberty Square. A few may get ahead of you but still shouldn’t be too bad.

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Right, and the crowd at our rope will be thinner than the crowd at the hub rope. Thanks so much!

Do you mean you have a PPO reservation at BOG but don’t qualify for EMH? That I’m not sure about.

As long as you qualify for the EMH you won’t have a problem, because you can be anywhere in Fantasyland (or Tomorrowland).

No, sorry, a PPO on a non-EMH day.

That rope past IASW sounds like a good tip. We waited at the Adventureland rope and cut through the bathrooms to Frontierland. I will say this was the one morning where my plan failed us a little bit. We got through BTMRR pretty quickly but waited 25 minutes for Splash which was too long for me that early I’m the morning. I don’t know if there was some snafu or what, but if I had it to do over again, I would do Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and maybe Magic Carpets first, then fast pass Big Thunder and Splash. Ymmv.

I’m not sure where they hold you there. Hopefully someone else can chime in.

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I know most people get the PPO for 7DMT, but that ride just doesn’t really excite me and we’ll have an FP for it another time during the week. Or we will do EMM if it is offered.