Rope Dropping from Ft. Wilderness

Has anyone tried RD from FW recently? I’m especially curious about our MK days since my plan to boat to the Contemporary and walk over to get there earlier than the MK boat has been foiled by the non-operating water taxis. :sob:

Do the boats really only start running 30 minutes before EE? The Disney app says the trip by boat FW>MK will take 36 minutes, which wouldn’t work for our RD strategy.

Currently the boat to CR isn’t running, it’s just direct to MK and back. I know the WL boat runs early enough to make EE so I would assume the same from FtW.

Thanks! We’re usually a “get to the gate 30 minutes before EE” kind of family. :laughing: Do you know if the boats allow that? (Even based on WL experience)

I don’t know if they are that early, but there have been reports of getting there before EE so maybe?

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Remember, for MK, they let everyone through the tapstiles early, but only as far as the hub. For EE, you then go to the ropes on the right side of the hub to be scanned by the CM at that rope for entry into Tomorrowland and Fantasyland (the only areas open for EE). So allow yourself plenty of time to actually get to that rope early.

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The boat ride to MK can’t really be 36 mins. It takes maybe 10 mins from WL, and FW has its own boat and isn’t 3 times farther away. Maybe 15-18 min trip tops.

Security check at the docks is super quick as it has its own dedicated station (so you don’t share with where bus people go).

If you are in a cabin closer to the FW docks, the time may be equal or quicker to wait for a boat than to take the internal bus to the Outpost to then switch to a bus to go outside of FW especially factoring in you will be going through security with all of the other buses when you get there.

Thank you! We’ll be in an RV spot, hopefully near the dock. We’ll also have a golf cart. I think we’ll plan to be there early and enjoy the boat ride over. :blush:

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I’ve seen somewhere that it’s a 20 min trip from MK dock to WL dock.

Sometimes it seems there’s a long wait for a boat, tho.

If I were wanting to be rope dropping from FW, I’d be at the boat dock early. If MK was opening at 8 am, I’d be at the dock by 6:45. Prepared to wait.

I would not place a lot of reliance on schedule info except from the boat operators. Used to be I’d call WDW-RIDE for good info. I don’t think Disney uses that number any more.

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