Rope dropping for offsite guests in 2022

Early Entry is seriously disrupting my tried and true formula and I would appreciate any info of what is best to RD while staying offsite. We are visiting this August.

Does it still matter to arrive much early only to be kept waiting at the hubs while every onsite guest is already inside? How early is recommended?

Which lands are closed during EE for each? My strategy would be to go to those instead where the playing is more leveled.

Anything that we should avoid? Any strategies that work?

At MK only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open for EE so a good strategy is to hit up Adventureland first.


As PP said, MK definitely allows a RD into Frontier or Adventureland.

For the other 3 parks, you can do OK if you skip the major headliners. Do Soarin’ instead of TT, Remy, or FEA, don’t bother with Pandora but head straight to the Safari (which doesn’t open during EE), and hope that things haven’t gotten too bad in HS. (HS is by far the hardest park because everything gets long so fast).

Also, take the money that you saved offsite to buy ILL and G+. Have a note with the most recent drop times and be prepared to refresh exactly when directed, since you’re going to be locked out of 7am ILL purchases.


Definitely counting on ILL but I’ve seen those sell out real fast before off-site guests are even able to purchase. My fear is this will get worse after August 7th when the ILL gets expanded to two per park.

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Who knows if the system will truly go back to two ILL per park. G+ is having a hard enough time without moving anything out of its purview.

As to sell outs, familiarize yourself with this thread:


Many are theorizing that it will remain 1 ILL per park after 8/7. It will be interesting to see what happens!