Rope-Dropping FOP

I’m working on my TPs for Animal Kingdom and I was able to get FPPs for Na’vi River Journey and was thinking we’d RD FOP, but when I added the FPPs to the plan it sent me to FOP around 12:30 with an 83 minute wait. I get that other people will be at lunch around then, but will it really be faster that just rope-dropping it? When I forced the plan to put it as the first attraction, it told me the wait time would be over 100 minutes…Is this right? Does anyone have any experience with rope-dropping this?

I think it is assuming you are really getting there at rope drop and not the 60-90 minutes earlier that you will need to arrive to have a short line?


The other thing, don’t use optimize. It will always rearrange things. If you put FOP first, then the rest of your day, hit evaluate. It will just tell you that you’ll have a long wait. So far the touring plans can’t be adjusted for very early arrival before rope drop. There’s a pretty good video on the blog and/or youtube that talks about rope-dropping FOP.


Thank you so much! That’s more how I thought it should be, but I was second-guessing myself.

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