Rope Dropping Epcot - Frozen and Remy don't open till 10?

When rope dropping epcot from the international gateway entrance, I assume, even though Epcot is open at 8:30 for Disney resort guests, Remy and Frozen don’t open till 10 when world showcase open? So, its pointless to go there during the 830 rope drop?

They both open with EE hours.

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I just wanna make sure I understand correctly, so Remy and Frozen are going to be open at 8:30am?


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Nice! Thanks!

All resort guests, not just deluxe, get the 30-minute Early Entry time. Since reopening, all sections of Epcot open at the same time.


You are right. I said deluxe instead of EE (long day). I will fix it.

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