Rope Dropping Early Theme Park Entry

With Disney changing the times earlier for park open is the consensus still to arrive 30min before ETPE for resort guests? Arriving before 8am for Epcot feels wrong. Haha. When are the parking lots opening for AK & HS? Are the Epcot Monorails running early enough to get there by 8am? Sorry for all of the questions, Disney is not making planing easy these days.

That’s nothing! We arrived at AK at 6:30am!

Parking lot was open here when we drove through about 6:25. Same at HS

I would definitely arrive min 30 mins ahead of early entry for the top tier rides


We were on the buses 70 minutes before early entry time began. This put us at the very front of the line for SDD then a walk on to TSMM. We were near the front of the line for 7DMT. We walked on to Na’vi RJ and rode it twice with no wait (none of us does FoP). In EPCOT, we waited about 20 minutes for Remy’s, and that was coming from the front gate…

Being at the front of the RD crowd makes a big difference in wait times for those top tier rides.


Thanks for the info. I am starting to already morn my sleep considering I have to be up until midnight to get the Genie+ for the next day and then wake up before God to get to the parks at their newer earlier times.

I am wondering if anyone knows if the Monorail runs that early. We are staying at the Poly and I really wouldn’t want to drag my family out of bed to wait for a non-existent early Monorail.

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