Rope dropping AK during EMH and then leaving?

Hi! I’m toying with the idea of rope dropping Animal Kingdom for FOP on an EMH day (8am) and then heading over to Hollywood Studios. I suppose I would Uber/Lyft to get there fastest? Anyone try this? Is it easy enough to leave the park when everyone is streaming in? Realistically what time do you think I’d get to HS?? Thanks!

Great question … I too would like to know roughly how long does it take to get through FOP if you arrive say 7-7.30 on 8am EMH ? Anyone there recently tried this ?

I’d assume this would all depend on what time you get there for emh AND ALSO the crowd of friends that have your same plan of being early for emh. If you get there at 7am, and are towards the front of the line, wouldn’t 1/2 hour be reasonable? I think the TP folks did a youtube vid of FOP on EMH, and it was a 15 minute wait.

Uber or park to park bus for dhs. I’d assume Uber would be the safer bet for timing.

Realistic time for dhs? I’d say if everything worked in your favor, 9:30 would be great. 10 am should be realistic, but again, it depends on what time you get to AK, and how many hundreds of your emh friends have the same idea as you. If you get there at 8am expecting to be the first person bright and early, you are going to have a big let down. If you want to leave nothing to chance, I’d be there at 7am.

Good luck!