Rope Drop

I’d like to thank everyone for their help on my previous questions. This will be my first trip to Disney in many years.

We will be staying off site and driving to the Magic Kingdom on our first day. Can someone help describe what to expect the very first morning?

We will park in the lot. Then do we take some sort of transportation to the entrance? Do we go through the entrance booth (we already have tickets) prior to rope drop? Then what happens at rope drop? Are there many people lined up? Does it open exactly at 9? (It’s not a day with early morning hours.)

Again thanks for any help.

You’ll park, then take the ferry or monorail to the front of the park. Probably the ferry, as the monorail isn’t always running early in the morning. Once you get to the park itself, you’ll enter with your tickets. The Welcome Show happens at about 8:40 for a 9:00 opening.

When I do RD, I try to be at MK (and ideally through the turnstiles) by 8:15 for a 9:00 opening. I’m perhaps a little overzealous in my efforts to be at the front of the crowd, but I find it pays off. There are definitely a lot of people lined up, but the crowd quickly dissipates once you’re down Main Street.

When are you going? Time of year can have an impact on how effective RD is.

You’ll park, then take the tram (or walk) to the TTC, then take the ferry or monorail to the front of the park

You can’t forget the happy tram ride! :slight_smile:

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Well, apparently I can, haha! In fairness to me, the last time I took the tram was in 2000, so I’m saying I get a pass on this one.

If you arrive early enough to be there for Rope Drop, are you still likely to be parking far enough away that you would have to ride the Tram? I’d presumed they’d park up front first & thus you’d be tram free at Rope Drop, but I have seldom driven to MK.

Yes we’ve never needed the tram at RD and we go on 8-9 crowd days.

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Nope if you are there early you shouldn’t need the tram. And the resort loop monorail is usually running by 7 or 7:30 am so you should be able to take that if you prefer over the ferry.

Just to address the question about how many people will be there, the answer is a ton of people!
Had we arrived earlier, as everyone suggests, we would have been ahead of all those people.

Thanks all. It will help to know what to expect.