Rope Drop vs Sleeping in?

So, we are considering sleeping in for our 2nd day at MK (we are going Sun/MK, Mon/Epcop, Tues/HS, Wed/MK, Thurs/AK, Fri/not sure yet).

So, on the Wednesday, which is our 2nd day at MK, it’s open from 8-11, but higher crowds predicted (Oct 7) because there is no MNSSH that night.

So, should we suck it up and get up for rope drop? Will sleeping in and going late screw up the rest of the day in terms of crowds/lines? We are planning on staying until at least 9 for the electrical parade, but maybe later also.

We have 10 people, kids age 4, 8,9,11, 13.


Oh yeah…and we are staying off-site. About 2 miles from Disney in Windsor Hills. Not sure if we want to leave the park, feel like we will lose momentum if we do.

Is Sunday a party night? Are you going to want to watch Wishes one night?

We like to have a day where we get to sleep in and not hurry. You can still get 3 FP if you arrive late, but other headliners will have long lines through the middle part of the day. There are other rides and shows that are more manageable, so you could definitely keep busy with a late start.

Hours on Wednesday are 8-11, so is that an Extra Magic Hours morning? If so, and you’re off-site, you can’t get in at 8 anyway. You would have to wait until 9 to enter anyway in that case.

We also have 6 days, and our outline is similar to yours. We are doing MNSSHP after HS on Tuesday (we’ve seen Fantasmic and weren’t impressed), then we are having a late-start day Wednesday at EPCOT, doing a low-key tour of World Showcase, and FastPasses in Futureworld in the afternoon before dinner. Then, MK on Thursday and AK on Friday. My kids are 8 and 11.

Last time we went, 2 years ago, the middle day we went to MK at about 3 PM, and stayed through the Good Night Kiss. We got up late, had lunch at T-Rex, and then went to the park. We had FP’s for a few rides, and rode a few more. It was our only chance to see the nighttime stuff at MK that trip, and was another day after MNSSHP. The slower paced day in the middle of our vacation was a nice break.

We always stay offsite and do 2 mk days . First is rd to 2-3 then leave, second we arrive between 2-3 and stay until close. We struggle to return if we take a break out of park. We have done this at Disney Paris when staying onsite also. Mid day breaks don’t work for my family.

The Wednesday that I’m looking at is 8-11 (magic hours are 11-1), so rope drop is at 8.

We are going from 9-7 (or earlier) on Sunday…not staying for MNSSH. So, I guess we will want to stay until Wishes on Wed night? I have no idea what Wishes is, but it seems popular…is it worth staying?

I don’t know if leaving during the middle of the day will work for us either…but, I did create 2 separate touring plans, one arriving late and one arriving a rope drop and the difference in waiting times when you don’t arrive at rope drop is significant. So, we might risk it.

And out of interest, why didn’t you like Fantastmic? I’m not sure I’m going to like it all that much either…but will stay for it if my family wants to. Maybe I’ll find a video and decide beforehand.

Have those of you that have gone to MK after lunch to close found that wait times at rides are a lot longer?

Wait times in the afternoon are longer so we use fpp between 2-5 and also low wait things like meet Buzz Mickey Philharmonic.people mover From 7 pm waits are a lot lower at 9 pm my kids were riding space again and again with 10 min waits. Touring in the last 3-4:hrs is same as rd. Esp for MK

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It’s tough to tell with a group of kids in those age ranges. I’d consider playing it by ear, depending on how quickly they’re wearing down of your other days. I generally prefer an early start, with an afternoon break, even when staying off-site. It’ll mean a crummy parking spot when you get back, but the group will be more likely to make it to the evening parades and fireworks without meltdowns. However, during a longer trip, if your group aren’t naturally early risers, then having a day to sleep in somewhere along the line isn’t a bad things.

I could also see a scenario where you may have some people who might want to be at rope drop and some that might want to sleep or go to the pool some mornings. I’m guessing that with a group that size you’ll have more than one car (or some other means of transportation to get back and forth from the parks).