Rope Drop Useful for HS?

Going to HS on a Monday that’s rated a “6”.

Family wants:
Y - Toy Story Midway Mania!
Y - Fantasmic!
N - Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
N - Tower of Terror

Because most of the park seems to be shows is there much benefit to doing rope-drop at HS? We’re also considering a character late breakfast (10:15 am) so we can get reserved seating to avoid Fantasmic crowds at night.

Any thoughts?

I guess the question is if you would want to ride TSMM multiple times or if you had any interest in Jedi Training.

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We roped drop HS on our last trip because we had kiddos who wanted to participate in Jedi Training. For my upcoming trip with just the husband, we are planning to arrive mid afternoon and stay through the fireworks. Right now, I really think HS is a half-day park unless you LOVE shows and want to see them all. In that case, you pretty much have to stay all day to get all of the shows in given their timings.

The only reason I roped dropped HS is for RnRC and ToT. It was pretty easy crowds and it was also a 6 the day I visited.