Rope Drop Upcoming Trip

We will be staying on site so we are eligible for early entry. In the past, I have left my resort 90 minutes before park opening. Is that sufficient, or do I need to arrive earlier now that resort guests can enter 30 minutes before park opening? Thanks!

IMHO - You should arrive at least 30 - 40 minutes before EE starts. You don’t want to waste the first 1/3 of your time getting into the park!

There is a good Touring Plan blog post today about Early Theme Park Entry timing that discusses when a few testers arrived.

The Effects of Early Theme Park Entry


Hmm. I think a true test would be if the second person started at normal rope drop but was also optimising. Liners staying offsite are still liners and using the TP tools at their disposal.


Yes! I’m trying to figure out when to arrive after we move offsite. I know what worked on our last trip, but it seems like a moving target.

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