Rope drop TT or Soarin?

We were planning on rd TT but just snagged a Garden Grill ADR at 10am which is making me question my plan. My boys really want to have breakfast with chip and dale so its a must. There are 6 of us who want to ride TT together. My kids are too young for single rider and there is no way my 3 year old can wait on a line past 30 min. Soarin seems like an easier morning with us needing to be on that side of the park anyway. Only 3 of us will do Soaring. thoughts?
We have a 2pm fp for Frozen. Would TT be better? Its a level 5 crowd in October.

TT is notorious for going off line, and, it goes off line a heck of a lot a park open.

Check out this video:

If you have a bunch of people who want to ride TT togehter than I would suggest a TT FPP.

You can rope drop Frozen, then head over towards Soarin. If you walk quickly, you might be able to get Frozen done, then get the three of you through Soarin by 10:00.

See this chart too:

There will be no Frozen FPP availability day of, so your best options are to rope drop or keep your FPP. While the chart says there is greater TT availability day of, my feeling is that getting TT for 6 will be much harder than Soarin for 3.

So, I would suggest, as a possibility, get FPP for TT AFTER your breakfast at 10. RD Frozen, have the 3 people wanting to ride Soarin BOOK it over to Soarin while the others stroll to GGrill. If the wait is too long, then try to find day of FPP for Soarin for the 3 people after that. Even if the party of 3 start brunch while the other 3 ride Soarin, that could work… if the overlap is close…

I’m sure others will have thoughts.


This (dated) graph shows no ‘day of’ FPP availability on a level 5 at Epcot.

Have you considered using the Reservation Finder to try for a pre-park opening reservation at Garden Grill? You could rope drop Soarin immediately after breakfast, walk over to TT with prob a minimal wait (although you can look at TP’s wait time predictions for the entire day), and keep your Frozen FP.

Otherwise, I’d rope drop TT, head over the The Land pavilion and jump in line for Soarin (if timing looks good)…or else try for Soarin as a 4th FPP after Frozen…you should be able to pick up 3 FPP that someone else cancels.

We went on a CL 5 day in August. We RD FEA and then went to Soarin’. I booked my tier one FP for TT because as the video above says it is down a lot. Also it was always the longest wait every time I checked the app for months before I went. By doing it the way we did we had ridden all three headliners before 10 am on a 9 am open day. And we got additional FP for TT the same day.

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I would do Soarin first. This August we were 15 minutes late for RD and Soarin was a walk on.

TT is frequently down first hour of operation.

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I’d get the FPP for TT. Not only is TT prone to breaking down, if it rains it will shut down and the lines once it opens can be even longer than usual.

If you keep your 10 am ADR, I like @gamusicman’s plan to RD Frozen and run over to Soarin’ before your ADR.

I like @Sam2071’s idea of getting a PPO ADR even better. You could do Soarin’ first thing. Personally, I’d head over to Frozen after that and get a FPP for TT.

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Thanks everyone. I switched my FPP to Test Track. FEA is showing an 11 min wait at RD and 30min later in the morning. Totally manageable! I’m still trying to get a PPO breakfast though. Can someone tell me the fastest way to get from FEA over to Soarin/Garden Grill when the world showcase is still closed?

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I’m team RD FEA and then hit Soarin’ and have a FP+ for Test Track. It’s notorious for going down-early morning, wet conditions, etc.


As you can see from this map, it’s actually less of a walk going to right and around the lake to Soarin from FEA.

As others have said, RD FEA, and FPP TT. That video came out just before our 60 day mark. It was invaluable and led us to do it that way. We entered IG right at 9, at FEA by 9:10. Off by 9:35. Went straight to Soarin. I think we were done between 10:15 and 10:30 but I don’t remember exactly. May cut it close to squeeze in TT before your ADR. Or else maybe it fits in your plan right after even if the wait is longer. Unless you can move the ADR to 10:30… Here’s our plan for an EMH EP day. Shorter waits b/c EMH & lowish crowd day, but still a good indication of how well the plan described by the video can work.

I’m thinking if your fpp for TT is say 10:30-11:30, you could show up anytime until 11:45, in case you not able to move your adr,