Rope drop to SWGE during EMH

Looking for some advice/suggestions. We will be at WDW Jan 19-24th. I will be reserving FPP next week Wednesday, so starting to build my TP.
On 1/19 we plan to tour HS during EMH in the morning.
TP suggests we start our day at Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster.
Wouldn’t it make more sense to rope drop to Star Wars and then secure FPP for attractions when the park opens to the general public?

We also will do HS EMH on the 19th. Our plan is to do SW GE first thing during EMH, let our 2 Tier 2 FP expire, and then use our Tier 1 FP for SDD later in the AM. I think this is a sound strategy, especially with RotR opening, but it really depends on what you want to do (I.e. wait in line for).

My related question is can you enter SWGE during EMH from both sides?

Wait times for SWGE tend to drop as the day progresses, because most people seem to be rope-dropping it. And even if the wait times don’t drop, or even go up slightly, you’ll save a lot of time to hitting ToT and RnRC first, when the waits are next to nothing. If you move them later in the day, wait times go up because people are finishing up with TSL and SWGE.

So, I think the advice from TP likely makes sense.

Caveat to this: ROTR is still an unknown, so it is pure conjecture at this point what it will do to lines.