Rope Drop Times?

I know others have asked similar questions before, but what time do you aim to be in the parks for rope drop? This will be my first trip with DH and we are hoping to be there early. We’ll probably take Lyft or park transportation depending on the day, but I’m not sure what time we should aim to actually get to the park entrances. Any advice?

I’ve always planned on leaving the resort an hour before park open. This has always worked well for me. That being said, there are a few scenarios in which I would try to leave a little earlier: 1) staying at a value resort during a high crowd levels [be at bus stop early to ensure you wont have to wait for an additional bus] 2) Trying to RD FOP at AK.

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I agree, leaving the resort an hour before. For AK if doing FoP at RD, I’d aim to be at AK 90 mins beforehand.

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Thank you! Now to make sure DH wakes up on time :roll_eyes:

Advice I got was to leave resort 1.5 hours before at least for MK if doing fantasyland at RD since it could take an hour all told just to get there let alone get down Main Street and to your spot near front of crowds.

For MK, assuming park opens at 9 am, everyone is allowed in at 8am. So you’ll want to be there maybe 7:30 to get through security at TTC (if driving) or at MK itself if using the buses.