Rope drop time for level 2 mk

I’m wondering if suggested rope drop time is same regardless of crowd level? Looking in touring plans in the unofficial guide book, the touring plans recommend arriving 50 minutes before park opens. We’ll be there Dec 7, 2017 on a crowd level 2 with park opening at 8 am non early magic hours ( there’s mvmcp that night.) We have a large family party from baby to grand parents with a few night owls. Just trying to get as much sleep without missing rope drop show which we’ve never seen before. Is this 50 minute recommendation for all crowd levels or would we still see the show if we got there 20 or 30 minutes before? Thanks!

We have gone a few times during that week back when we were ‘rope droppers’. The recommendation is for people jockeying for position at the hub before the escort starts towards 7DMT at rope drop. If you are just going for the show and aren’t RDing 7DMT, IMHO 30 min should be more than enough time as long as you are THROUGH THE TURNSTILES by then. So, depending on where you are staying there could be at least that much time- or more- involved in getting to the turnstiles. Beyond that, if you have late sleepers and a big group you will need to realistically factor all of that in as well- as I see that eating up huge chunks of time early in the morning trying to get a combination of a large party with infants and sleepy night owls set to go. Show is held on the Castle Stage as of 1/9/17- and starts 5-10 min before official rope drop, so factor that in- too.

Thank you- this is very helpful. We have FP later for 7D so we’re heading to splash and thunder mt first. We’re at POR. We are wanting to see the show, check off the rope drop experience on our Disney to do list, and we get kicked out early for mvmcp plus reservations at liberty tree tavern at 4:45. So trying to get rides in early as we’ll stop rides just before 5.
We’ll work on the wake up schedule working backwards from 30 minutes prior at turnstiles versus the 50 recommended in generic touring plans. We can use that extra 20 mins just to get everyone out the door!:wink:Thanks!!