Rope Drop/Rider Switch?

Can someone clarify procedure regarding rope dropping and using rider switch?

Last year we attempted both at Space Mountain. In the line (outside) we were told we would all have to exit the standby line, check in at the LL entrance, then get back in the standby line at the end. My husband told me to stay in line and he would just not ride since we’d completely lose our place in line. Luckily, he’s stubborn and approached a different CM at the entrance to the ride building who told him it was no problem to check in for rider switch right there. She scanned us as other people walked past and then we rejoined the line.

So… what exactly is the procedure for rider switch when rope dropping? I’m not trying to skip ahead of anyone, but it seems pointless to rope drop at all if we have to check in at once place and then walk all the way to the back of the line.

This seems to be CM/ride dependent. We only did it once, at FoP (before it had ILL option). We were at the front of the pack, walked straight up to the CM standing at the entrance, and got scanned, then joined the Standby Line of people walking past. You do lose some time to the people passing you while you scan, but for that ride it was still worth it.

But I’ve also seen reports of mixed experiences depending on ride and CM on chat.

Keep in mind that your second group of riders doesn’t have to ride straight away if you prefer to do some other things as a group afterwards, and then use your rider switch later on.

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