Rope drop Remy from International Gateway?

Walking from Dolphin on Jan 15th to Epcot, will enter at International gateway (never done this before). With the proximity to Remy is it best to rope drop it and get a LL for test track? Or should we LL Remy and go to Test track? Will 5k other people have the same idea of going to Remy’s from international gateway?

We are (fingers crossed) in VQ or Paid LL for Guardians.

thx!! you guys are all the best for helping.

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Seems to me rope dropping Remy and LL for TT would be best. Plug it into a TP to get an idea. Even if the TP says not to rope drop Remy, still move it to the top of your list to see what the expected wait time will be. Keep in mind - TP wait time will assume you’re at the back of the pack for rope drop and assume a longer wait time.

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I concur with @TheSafetyLady. There have been lots of reports of successfully rope dropping Remy. Just try to arrive early enough to be toward the front of the pack or at least in the middle. If you show up right at early entry time you will have a decent wait (but still a good RD option).


We rope dropped Remy and was near the front of the pack (not sure exactly how far back…maybe 100 people ahead of us?). But…there was a delayed opening. So, from the time they actually did the rope drop, we waited 45 minutes before we were on.

I am not sure how common delayed openings are for Remy…but keep in mind the possibility. Despite the delay, the lines only grew from there, so it was still worth RDing.


While delayed opening is always a risk, Remy is not among the worst offenders according to Becky’s weekly data dump on the TP blog (amazing resource for strategizing):

“Since the beginning of October, % offline in the first hour of operations:
At Magic Kingdom – Splash Mountain (36%), Pirates (34%)
At Hollywood Studios – Tower of Terror (19%), Rise (19%), Runaway Railway (16%)
At EPCOT – Test Track (16%), Frozen Ever After (14%)
At Animal Kingdom – no real issues. Top one is Expedition Everest (8%)“

If you want to be at the front of the pack and walk on to Remy, plan to be at IG around 60 min before EE. Agree with others that it’s still worth going during EE even if you are not at the front, but expect to wait 30-60 min depending on CL (we went on a CL8 day in December, and by the end of EE the wait was predicted to be more than 2hrs).

If you’re front of the pack, you can then follow Remy with another headliner and still get either FEA or TT at a reasonably good wait before EE finishes, or even FEA still during EE and then TT with short wait if willing to use single rider lane.

But really depend on personal priorities. TT was not a priority for us. We wanted to sleep a bit longer rather than be front of the pack for Remy, so we snagged an opening time LL for Remy using BG1, arrived (also from the Dolphin) around 15 min before EE, rope dropped FEA via Canada (walk on) and then used our LL for Remy after a leisurely walk through World Showcase from Norway. Worked well for us.

Many possibilities :slight_smile:

In July, my fam was near the front of the pack (1st at taps, probably 6th in line by the time we got to the hold area) at Remy with an IG entry. We rode Remy twice in a row as a walk on when it opened.

Also, given how frequently TT is down in the am, I’d do LL for that in the hopes you’d get a golden ticket.

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We rope dropped Remy in October from international gateway. Got there about 10 minutes before EE and waited 30 min for Remy. But line moved the whole time. Whenever we’ve tried to rope drop TT it’s been down!

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