Rope Drop Ralph and Vanellope, or Soarin?

I know this might sound crazy, but has anyone gone to R&V first, and then to Soarin? ( I’m thinking about capacity–i.e. 10th in line at R&V could mean 20 min wait. )

We have a PPO for GG at 8, so it seems logical to go right to Soarin, but if we are early, we would be first in line to meet R&V and maybe Soarin waits would still be low because we would be done at like 9:02? Versus if we do Soarin first, we are not getting in line for R&V until 9:20 and line could be longer by then.

We rope dropped Test Track (from the middle/back of the pack) and then went to Ralph & Vanellope and barely waited 5 minutes. I think you would be totally find to do the first Soarin ride and then go see R&V. Their waits definitely don’t build very fast because nobody knows they are there! Plus they are kind of far back in terms of Future World.

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Ok, I’m looking at time stamps on my pictures. I have pics in the TT preview center from 9:26, then actually Mickey & Friends at 9:46 so we didn’t even get to Ralph until 9:58am. I think they might not even start until 9:30? But again, we waited behind 2 families.

If you do Soarin right after GG, you may even be off the ride before 9! I don’t have any pics from that morning, but we must have ridden Soarin’ around 8:45!

Go to Soarin’ first. That queue will grow much faster. You should be off Soarin’ and be able to stroll over to them at 9:20am with no real wait. Most who want to do M&Gs at RD will be over with Anna & Elsa and riding FEA

FYI - Ralph & Vanellope start meeting at 9am - 6:55pm inside ImageWorks most days.


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Oh, that’s a good point. Soarin could open early and R&V could easily open late. (We met Gaston once at his start time of 10 am and he was 5-10 min late).

Thanks! Soarin first it is.

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With an 8am GG you will be off Soarin before 9am. You can easily head to meet Ralph and have a very short wait.


That seems to be the consensus so I’ll go for that-thank you!

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Is this a new character meet and greet? Will it still be there first of March?

R&V has been there for a while; it’s not on the TP app and does not have FPP.