Rope drop process at MK

We haven’t been to MK since the new RD process /welcome show. Can anyone tell me how it works and what time?

Ooo, sorry nobody answered your question yesterday. Sunday is often a slow day here.

The new MK opening procedure has pros and cons. They let people with early (pre-9am) restaurant reservations enter at 7:45. There’s a special line off to the left for people with ADRs. Once they walk those people through, they start letting everyone else in. This happens at about 8am. All of Main Street and the hub in front of the castle are open, so you can get some coffee or QS breakfast, take photos or shop. This greatly reduces the mob of people at the entrance. I’ve walked up at 8:30 and seen barely anyone lined up. People congregate at the ropes leading to the different lands, but it doesn’t feel quite as packed as it used to. There’s a short welcome show before 9 on the castle stage, and then they drop the ropes and people head towards the land of their choice. I think the general consensus is that the rope up near the castle is the best path for 7DMT. I’ve only headed towards Tomorrowland or Adventure Land, so I don’t have experience with that.