Rope drop procedure

I was reading that at rope drop cast members take you to the rides. How does that work? Is there a line for each attraction?

Could you post a link to where you read that? I haven’t heard of this but I’m curious.

I have seen it on several websites, but specifically touringplans:

I was just at the parks last week and can verify that they do indeed have crew members at the ropes who ask you to stay behind them while they lead the way. Once they get out of the way? Fair game to walk as fast as your legs can carry you, which is exactly what happened at EPCOT when the masses were going as fast as possible to Frozen Ever After. It was insane. I was there on a “low crowd” day too. I will never forget the lady pushing a double stroller and trying to tell her son, who was crying, that she just needed to get them to the ride!

You can monorail it from MK to Epcot, so, if I were you I’d leave MK no more than 1 hour before your [quote=“lauera9482, post:1, topic:34196”]
Is there a line for each attraction?

Not for each and every, just the most popular. If you’re looking to be part of RD, depending on how close you want to be to the rope, you really need to be at the park WAY early, like at the turnstiles (magic band readers) 30-60 minutes before scheduled opening. IMO, if you’re at that point even 10 minutes before opening, you’re still doing better than 95% of the people that will come that day. Most people don’t want to get up early on vacation. But this is one place where that can pay off in spades! If you’re there 10 minutes before park open, no you won’t be right at the rope, but you’ll still have a great jump start to your touring.

Have fun!