Rope Drop PP -what's the best route after watching Welcome Show

After weeks of searching, I finally scored a FP for SDMT on Easter Sunday. So we are rope dropping PP. With that said I know my DD will want to watch the Welcome Show so where should we watch from and then proceed quickly to PP once they let us through?

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Through the castle and left is the shortest. The only other option is through Liberty Square and go right - but it’s a lot longer and you’ll be behind all of those who went through the castle.

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Thanks, that what I was thinking. Just wanted to confirm. Wanted to make sure I was going to best way before I start walking swiftly. HA!

if you stand on the bridge to Liberty Square during the opening stage show, will you get to PP fairly quickly for RD as opposed to waiting to go through the castle?

Found this
Seems going through the castle may be quicker.