Rope Drop MK on Columbus Day Weekend - What Order?

So obviously the crowd level expectations have risen. And it’s a holiday weekend. But, I’m going with my two littles, the youngest of which doesn’t meet any height requirements. We’re staying at the Contemporary and they’ll be so excited, they’ll be up by 5:30 or 6am, so “Rope Drop” will not be a problem. Here are the longer wait time rides in our plan:

PPF (2x if possible)
possibly HM (depending on DD4’s current fear factor - she just got into Nightmare Before Christmas this last week, so I’m hoping she’ll finally want to do this ride!)

TP is already showing 15-45 minute waits for all of those right at park opening. I know many of these will already be open before 9am. My question is, what order would you do them in? We will be able to go back later in the evening to pick up what we miss with (hopefully) shorter wait times then, but ideally we’re trying to get through at least 4 of these before official opening…

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I was trying to figure out what rides might be open before 9:00. I know for sure 7DMT and PoC are open early, but no confirmation on anything else. I would do PoC early and then hit the Fantasyland stuff right at 9:00. If anyone has solid intel on other rides opening prior to 9:00, I hope they post it!

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Ooof I’m not sure if 4 prior to 9am is a realistic expectation. I don’t think HM or JC open early. I personally think you’re better off starting in Fantasyland because that’s probably the only time you even have a chance of back to back PPF rides. Then IASW and then HM and go straight to JC with PotC last. (At least PotC is air conditioned if that ends up being your longest wait.)

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This is from a recent EasyWDW blog… it isn’t exactly what you’re looking to do (he ran into transport troubles and a bunch of things were down early, PPF among them) but it’s what he was able to do at what times!

  1. 8:05am arrival at the Transportation and Ticket Center. Temperature/Bag Check started at 8:22am. I boarded the Express Monorail at 8:28am and was inside Magic Kingdom at 8:40am.
  2. Passing by closed attractions that I initially had the intention of experiencing: 8:40am – 8:54am
  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: 8:55am – 9:03am
  4. Not riding Splash Mountain: 9:03am to 9:03am
  5. Jungle Cruise: 9:12am – 9:25am
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean: 9:29am – 9:42am
  7. Haunted Mansion: 9:49am – 10:09am
  8. Peter Pan’s Flight: 10:10am – 10:22am

Super helpful! I understand the holiday weekend will be busier, but seeing Jungle Cruise and Pirates at 15 minute waits that early makes me feel a lot better than the 50 to 60 minute wait I’m seeing in my plan!

And yes! I realize 4 is probably expecting too much! But a girl can dream…

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I am afraid dreaming has been declared illegal through the end of 2020…

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That’s just mean. :wink:

I just started dreaming again. But about something that might happen in 2021.


Well…I’d be careful. The Langoliers might come after you…

Also @ryan1, speaking of “dreams,” when’s the next chapter of your book going to pop up around here? I thought for sure quarantine would give you all the time you needed to finish it…

Um. Oh look, over there!

Runs the other direction

I have been so unmotivated to write at all. :frowning:

We were in the parks Saturday… rides opened around 8:25 for a 9am open… SDMT PP AND POC The RC not HM we were held in line there until 9am … By 9am we had done PP x2 SDMT and WP waited at HM until 9am


Welcome to the forum! This is good intel! What is RC?

Regal Carrousel? Just a guess


Probably royal carousel?

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Thanks! I was stumped! :rofl:


:grin: Josh is my favorite!

This may be a dumb question, but did you just walk back to fantasy land? They did rope drop early?