Rope drop mania

So I just watched a video of a rope drop at MK. Everyone is speed walking to their destinations, which I really don’t want to do. I got a FP for Peter Pan at 9:10 am and plan to show up to watch the MK welcome show. But my family will gladly stroll in and take time to look at things. We want to stop at Tinkerbell and then the Main street bakery and then meander over to Peter Pan.

I set my plan to walk at a very relaxed pace and to minimize walking. It says we should arrive at peter pan at 9:50, giving us 20 minutes to spare to use our FP. Can I follow through with out leisurely pace and still realistically make that?

It’s my daughters first trip to Disney and my husband and I haven’t been since we were teenagers. We’re looking forward to taking it slow and enjoying the moment.


You should have time but you should note that Main Street Bakery can be insane at times especially in the morning as that’s the Starbucks location now. They usually go pretty fast but depending on how long you’ve loitered, you might not want to push it. I would think you’d have plenty of time though. We usually do the same thing… we watch the welcome show and give ourselves time just to take everything in. Hope you guys have a great time!

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Thanks! That helps.

I watched that video and I was like…no, no, no. I don’t want to do that. lol I don’t mind getting there early but I hate feeling like I have to be in front and like I’m on a time crunch. I want to feel relaxed and enjoy.

We will also rope drop a couple days later in order to go to Jungle Cruise first thing. Our first FP isn’t until 10:00 that day and its for Pirates of the Caribbean. Hopefully we can mosey a bit then and still finish up Jungle Cruise without too much of a line forming before we get there.


Remember not to take it slow and enjoy the moment in the middle of the walkway when everybody else is trying to get to 7DMT. :smile:

But seriously, that’s one of the most insufferable annoyances of a vacation at Disney (or a day at your local theme park): People stopping in the middle of the walking path. Be aware that there are other people around, and that you don’t own the road. (I’m not saying you, specifically, OP, but people who do that.)

We are those slow people that just sort of saunter down main street. We don’t see any point in rushing just to miss everything you pass. While we don’t stop in the middle of the street we also don’t bother with trying to get out of the way just because some lady with a stroller is foaming at the mouth to get to the back of the park lol. There’s plenty of room to go around us. You’ll be fine although you might want to consider some other breakfast options in case the line at starbucks is out the door which does happen. We typically don’t even bother with rope drop anymore. With the new FP system it just isn’t that necessary unless you’re going during an especially busy time.


Sounds like they need a FPP line at Starbucks?


Maybe she’s doing that because a bunch of people on some website told her the monorail from the Poly never takes more than 5 minutes to get to MK, and she’s already a half hour late to her 8:15 BOG ADR that those same people told her she Absolutely Must Do and her FastPass window for Peter Pan starts in 20 minutes and ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE GOING TO SEVEN DWARFS MINE TRAIN!?!? HOW LONG WILL THAT LINE BE!?!?! VACATION IS RUINED!! and now there’s a bunch of looky-loos taking up 3/4ths of the street taking pictures of store windows.

Rope Drop is not the time to slow down and enjoy the scenery. If you want to do that, come to the park when there aren’t thousands of other people (who have just as much right to be there, who paid just as much) trying to have the type of vacation they enjoy, which involves getting in the park early, and getting those first 3 rides done before 10:00 AM. Those people don’t run-walk down Main Street at 2:30 in the afternoon, messing up your pictures of Main Street Halloween decorations. Don’t clog up the works for them by being a roadblock at rope drop.

Some people find more value in seeing attractions. Some people will take time to see “everything” later, when the lines are long. Some people are want different things out of their trip then you. Some people have gone to considerable expense to make their one trip to Disney world, and they can see (real) quaint old early 20th century buildings at home but may never have a chance to ride Mine Train again.

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Well it’s hardly my fault she didn’t do enough research lol.

But seriously it’s a nice wide street and two big sidewalks. We mosey down the sidewalk mostly. We know we’ll get to where we’re going eventually. If someone is going to stroke out over the extra 10 seconds it takes to get around me there is little I can do about that. We don’t actually just stop in the middle of traffic but i’m on vacation not in the Indy 500 and I’m sure not going to rush around even one iota more than I feel like.

And I never said people couldn’t be rush rush rush stressballs, only that I didn’t understand the point of it. Nothing wrong with having a differing opinion. But it is wrong to expect everyone to be in as big of a hurry as you are. I’m simply not, that isn’t relaxing, vacations are for relaxing. If I want to scream at people and pull my hair out getting angry, and yell and stomp my feet I can just go sit in traffic at home lol. It’s one of the reasons we save up for longer trips that way we have plenty of time to see what we want without any of the stress.


If you’re not willing to go with the flow, don’t be there at Rope Drop. The point of being at the park at Rope Drop is to be in a big hurry for a while in the morning, so you can have time to go slow later. So, it’s sort of unreasonable to get there that early and then go slow in front of all those people. That makes their vacation a little less good. And it’s wrong to expect everyone is willing to go as slow as you are. Your vacation is for relaxing, but that’s not universally true.

Clearly, we must agree to disagree.

Well rope drop is for going into the park as that’s when it opens. pretty sure there isn’t any rule that says… only if you’re in a hurry. And again I might agree if I were stopping people from going fast. I’m not. Just like driving if they want to go faster than me they put on their blinker and go around lol. I drive the speed limit at home too… and just like that it’s not my fault if you’re late to work.

You rush around like crazy… I’ll take my time, we’ll both get the exact same amount of things done and no one has to pop a vein. It is possible to co-exist lol.


BTW this thread has given me the hilariously evil thought of scheduling a senior citizen’s outing from the Haines City nursing home to be at the front of rope drop one day. Walkers and scooters as far as the eye can see lol




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You laugh but you know it’s true lol. I can’t count how many times my poor ankles have been gouged.

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Oh you’re right, it is very true, that’s why I laugh lol… Not as funny when a grown woman uses her stroller as a weapon and almost mows down your then 4-year old without as much as an apology or “excuse me” (yeah that happened), but your wording was spot-on!

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This reminds me of my trip in 1999 in which my x-husband walked in front of me the entire time trying to rush the family through everything that he was really not interested in (basically the whole park). That vacation remains in my mind as the one that I looked at the back of his head for 5 days straight. I will totally not miss seeing the back of his head this December.


Yes! This is my point.

How was your trip to Disney???

Oh the concrete was lovely!

Head down, arms forward, march march march


This is a joke right? Touche! You got me :laughing:

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I love you @Outer1.


You’ll be fine. Enjoy the morning. I’ve been known to rope drop Starbucks and then a Nutella & fruit waffle from Sleepy Hollow.