Rope drop magic kingdom

How does the rope drop at magic kingdom work now? Do they still do a welcome show? Is the park /Main Street clear for pictures?

The opening procedures and show have changed. For a 9:00 opening everyone is allowed in to Main Street usually shortly before 8:00. You can go to Starbucks , take pictures, go up to the castle. At 9:00 there is a short welcome show in front of the castle.


Check this video out from the touring plans YouTube channel. Explains it all with the map for reference.


Are the PhotoPass photographers in Main Street during that hour before rope drop?

If I have an 8am reservation, will I get to go in even 15 minutes earlier than the rest? Trying to see if there’s an opportunity get the empty castle picture. I’m still deciding if its worth it.

So I started this thread last week to try and sort out what the current procedure is. In general from what I’ve read, if you have a reservation prior to park opening (ex: we have 8:25 BOG with park opening currently scheduled for 9) you can get in at 7:45 which would mean empty Main Street.

There seems to be a situation on what policy is vs what is actually happening. The thread is here if you want to check it out. There is at least one person going in the next dew weeks who is planning to report back as well S a quite a few others who have done it recently.

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From what I’ve seen and heard from others, yes.

In February all ADRs were let in before anyone else.

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Last week we were let in at 745, bee-lined it for the furthest photopass person right in front of the castle, and have pics with no one else in them. If you stop for the first photopass person you see,ypu will have other people on the background of ypur picture.


Wow that is an awesome pic!

That’s an amazing pic - we will heed your advice and head straight for the furthest photopass person. Hope we can get a great shot like this!


This is an amazing pic! If you blow it up, you can see the ropes and a cast member on the paths to the castle. (I’m not pointing this out as a problem with the photo, just a point of interest since you were in pre rope drop).