Rope drop in TP

Can’t remember how to get TP to recognize I am rope dropping. I remember there being a trick to putting in your RD ride so TP understands you will not be entering the park at 9AM.

Plan to RD SDD 11/7. EEMH are supposed to be over then and it is a 9AM park open.

I’m also assuming the projected 9AM wait times will be all wonky since it will be the first week without EEMH. Any idea how to predict the unpredictable?

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Add a meal at Woody’s at open for 1 minute. It’s not perfect but it usually is better.


I just put in a break for 1 minute showing that I am inside the park. Has worked for me at most parks!


Or I have put in a longer break until after the first ride. So I put in a 15 min break at Satu’li to account for our ride on FOP. But that works best when you know how long it’s going to take.


I sort of do what @missoverexcited does. I leave the RD ride off and start my plan 30 minutes after opening to be safe. Then I basically just reevaluate my plan once I’m off my RD ride.

This works best in the app because you can tell it where you are starting. Using the restaurant approach works on the computer because it will put you at the correct location rather than the TP assuming you are starting at the entry gate.

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For MK, you add the morning welcome show, so it knows you’re there and not at the entrance.

Great idea! Unfortunately, our MK day we are RDing 8AM EMH so that won’t work.