Rope drop flight of passage if I already have a fastpass?

Hey everyone!

So I am trying to fine tune my Animal Kingdom touring plan for Memorial day Monday in May. It is an EMH morning. I currently have
FOP FP for 9:15
KRR FP for 10:40
EE FP for 11:40
Planning on leaving after lunch to go to Hollywood Studios.

My question is, if I absolutely love FOP, should I rope drop that right away, or skip it and ride Kilamanjaro Safaris and Navi River Journey to save on those wait times later? Or, do you think it is plausible I could rope drop FOP, ride K Safaris and Navi River Journey, and still make it in time for the FOP FP? I will be returning to Animal Kingdom at least 2 more times during this trip and have FOP fast passes for both of those days as well.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I’m wondering the same thing. I have FOP, but I’m wondering if should go ahead and rope drop it since I’ll have to rope drop Navi anyway. I guess it will depend on how early I can get my family moving.

Yeah, for me it is just my best friend and I (we are both pretty early risers, so planned on RDing as early as we could anyway). Just wondering the practicality of being able to ride Flight of Passage, Kilamanjaro Safari and Navi River Journey before our fast pass window is over at 10:15. Is two hours and 15 minutes enough time for those three rides?

Since you have FoP FP for the other two days, that’s three FoP rides, and that would be enough for me (I LOVE FoP, too).

I don’t think you could do FOP, KS and NRJ before the window would be up…there could be delayed boarding for FoP at RD (though they are letting folks in early these days), and KS is an unknown variable (I’ve had some safaris go way longer than usual due to animal traffic, which is why a bathroom stop is required for me before KS :crazy_face:).

I would rather save time for KS and NRJ than risk it for an extra FoP ride. Overall, sounds like some fun days at AK are ahead! Enjoy!

We had a late day FOP FP, so we decided to RD it. That way, if we loved it, we would stay in the park for our FP. If not, we’d let it go and get something we would enjoy. Needless to say, we loved it.

Have you watched TP’s Brian’s vlog on rope dropping FOP and Navi. I think that he was done by about 9.15.