Rope drop FEA or Soarin?

I will be entering through the IG. I can’t decide whether to go first to FEA and get a FP for Soarin or run frantically to Soarin and FP FEA. I would prefer to rope drop Soarin and FP FEA as that would fit into my plan better of FW first and then World Showcase later, but I didn’t know if I would be at too much of a disadvantage compared to the people entering the main gate. Any thoughts?

To my knowledge, World Showcase isn’t open at rope drop, so heading straight to FEA won’t help you.I focus on completing Future World by noon, then being in World Showcase until later that evening. If I need to head back to Future World to get a ride or two in, I can usually do that pretty easily before Illuminations.

If I’m not mistaken you can enter WS to access Future World at park opening and FEA opens the same time as the Future World attractions.

Yes, FEA is open at park opening- even EMHs. The bakery in France also opens at 9:00.

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From recent personal experience, I would recommend getting a FP for FEA and rope dropping Soarin. We were able to ride Soarin three times in a row before the line got longer.

Does anyone think I would be at a major disadvantage heading to Soarin from the IG behind all the people coming from the main gate?

FWIW, Google Maps has it half a mile to Soarin’ from International Gateway vs. .3 miles from the main entrance which makes them 4 minutes closer (10 for you, 6 for them). Given the lower crowds, quicker bag check etc. coming from IG, my guess is it’s a near wash and not that big a deal in the big scheme of things…

Definitely get a FP for Frozen and rope drop Soarin’. The fact you’re coming from IG isn’t a great disadvantage - we’ve done it plenty of times and have never ended up behind a big crowd. Security and bag check is a lot quicker, and once inside you can walk with purpose through part of a beautifully empty World Showcase. :slight_smile:

The IG is usually way more chill. That doesn’t mean you show up at 8:50 for a 9am opening tho. If I were staying at one of the EP area resorts, I’d leave the room and start walking about an hour before park open (which means I’d probably wind up leaving 45 minutes early since I’m late for everything.) I’d just strive for being at the IG 30 minutes before park opening. (And enjoying the leisurely stroll, knowing the cost of the resort makes Epcot travel and entry almost stress free and PLEASANT.)