Rope Drop/EMH Procedure

I’m curious about the opening procedure/timing for the parks, particularly HS and MK on days with EMH. For MK, I know any guest can enter main street an hour before park opening. For EMH guests, are we able to enter Main street before EMH starts at 8am? What about Hollywood Blvd at HS? Essentially, I’m wondering if we’ll be able to grab breakfast in the park (at Starbucks) before all the attractions open for EMH at 8am.

MK would usually open about 10-15 minutes early, not anywhere near the full hour before.

DHS I think is similar, other than really special days. As in when GE opened, they were walking people into the park by soon after 4am IIRC. So when ROTR opens, all bets are off!


Sorry, but nope… You’ll wait at the tapstiles until about 10 minutes before EMH starts.

At HS you can. We arrived around 7.40 I think and the crowd were being held at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Starbucks was open.

ETA this was August but before SWGE.