Rope Drop Coming from Offsite Hotel

For our upcoming trip, we will be staying at CBR from July 18-22. We will spend 3 of those days at various Disney Parks. At that point, we will move to an offsite hotel and spend the next 2 days at Sea World and Discovery Cove. We will then remain at the offsite hotel, but will spend the next 2 days back at Disney Parks. We will have a rental car, so we will drive to the parks on those final 2 days. OK, I’m finally getting to the point–now that rope drop is back to normal in the parks, are they opening the parking lots earlier?? Or, are they still holding cars at the entrance to the lots like they were doing earlier, and if so, when are they letting people in? If anyone has any recent experience with this, I’d really like to plan for our upcoming trip. We really want to rope drop all of our days, whether we are on site or off site if possible. If we can’t make rope drop on those final 2 park days, I may need to switch some park reservations here at the last minute. Thanks for any help with this!!

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Can’t speak for what they’ll do later in the month, but this morning at Magic Kingdom they held us at the parking toll booths until 8 am on the dot (for a 9 am opening). Inside the park, they held everyone at different points on the hub (going into the lands) until 9 am. No more early entry :frowning:

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Today at AK it looked like they opened the parking lot at 7 after many buses had already arrived

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Getting into the parking lots an hour before opening is better than the 45-50 min before that was happening since reopening. I know it’s only 10 min. but resorts always got to parks first regardless and it’s ok. I just don’t like the stampede so I rarely do rope drop.

That stinks.
We often have arrived before there were even employees on the booths. (Had campsite.)

@MeggieMouse5 If you don’t mind me asking…what times did you - arrive at the toll booths, actually tap in to MK (after getting through TTC), and get to the hub?