Rope drop boat from WL to MK

Does anyone know what time the early boat to MK leaves from over at the Wilderness Lodge? Going in September, and we like to rope drop and get in line as early as possible. We’ve never stayed at the WL before, and I’m not sure how early the boats can get you there? Or bus? I’ll happily take whatever can get us there the earliest.

Pre covid, may not be operating now, there was a launch running WL to Con to FtW and around again. It started earlier than the direct to MK boat, apparently for character dining at the three resorts. So, I would take that launch to Contemporary and walk to MK, before the direct boat starts running.


I was just at WL this past week and rope dropped every park except AK via the bus. I was at the front of the pack and it worked great. I don’t recall the exact times but I waited at the stop around 1.5 hours before park opening and the bus came a few moments later. I arrived through security at the park about 45 minutes before opening. Since the bus for MK goes right to the entrance I was ahead of anyone in the parking lot. Make sure when you arrive at the security gates you just go to the shortest line. People were all lining up at the closest gate even though others where open with no lines. That will get you closer to the front too.

Even though the boat can be faster to MK the bus arrives earlier. I did enjoy the boat ride back however.The posted bus schedules were off sometimes but they regularly came at 20 min intervals. Also the time for the first bus wont be posted until shortly before it comes.

Anything else let me know.

EDIT: Found times from google maps history:

8/09/21 -MK 9am open
Bus departs WL: 7:59a
Arrive at MK bus stop 8:08a

8/11/21- EP 11am open
Bus departs WL: no data
Bus arrives at Epcot: 10:02a

8/13/21 - HS 9am open
Bus departs WL: 8:02a
Bust arrives at EP: 8:15a

For AK I drove and left at 6:50 for an 8am open to RP FoP then ended up riding EE back to back. :slight_smile: Also keep in mind this location data may start tracking a minute or two late…

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It wasn’t running when we were there in June. Pretty sure that’s the “blue launch” and it should be included in this list if/when it starts back up.

Also, FWIW, that screenshot also has launch hours, but I don’t know if they’re accurate.

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