Rope Drop at each park...if I arrive at the turnstile 30 min prior to park open is that enough?

We plan on speed walking to first big ride that we don’t have FPs for each morning…like Soaring at Epcot. How early prior to stated park open time should I be in line? We are driving in with our car each day to avoid a long bus wait/ride in the mornings.

We go at spring break (so CL=7, or 8) and we are standing in line at least a half hour early, not parking the car, standing in line. And we have a good line up in front of us. Remember, you have to get through security, too and that line can be nerve wracking as you see people pouring into turnstile line ups ahead of you. The other thing to consider is that you want to be early enough that if they let people in early, you can be part of that group, even if it’s only to take you to a certain part of the park.

You will probably be okay if you are in line 30 mins before, but you won’t be alright at the front. Not unusual for lines to open 10-15 minutes early and walk you part way into the park. To be in the safe side I would recommend trying to be in line about 40 mins before.

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That’s going to be cutting it very close and as others have said the parks often open early. I would also say that for HS you might want to be there even earlier than other parks because it always seems so much more packed at rope drop.

If you are driving I would plan to be parking about an hour before that way you have to time walk up to the gate get through bag check and find a spot at a tapstile.