Rope Drop at AP Preview Days?

Good morning, liners:

My DH and I were fortunate enough to get in for the AP Preview on July 9. We are driving distance and chose Animal Kingdom for the open space. For those of you who have attended preview days in the past, what time should we be at the turnstiles? Is this like a normal park day, when Disney opens the park 30-60 minutes earlier than published opening times? Or will they really open the gates at 8:00 am, as indicated? Generally, we are ardent rope-droppers, but we are also wanting to balance social distancing with the other guests and may be better served to arrive later in the morning when the crowds have dispersed in the park. I appreciate your guidance as we try to set up a Touring Plan for the day! Thanks!!

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Welcome! Ask anything & as often as needed…

I wish I could be of more help, but this opening is going to be unique. They will be introducing new procedures. By going on this day you are a “guinea pig” for them to test out the new system. There’s no precedent for how this preview will happen.

For example, they haven’t even officially said it yet, but temperature check tents are being set-up outside the gates.

Be prepared for EVERY YouTube vlogger in FL to be there that day.

Furthermore, as much as I love TP there’s no way to make an actual / accurate plan for this trip. The predicted wait times are going to be inaccurate since they have zero data on how the limited capacity / no fast pass / etc… is going to play out.

Have fun & stay safe!!


We have the AP preview for MK on the 10th and the confirmation said they will be sending out additional information a couple of days before the event so I am hoping that will be coming soon and provide more specifics.
We are new APs and our first preview event was SWGE where they assigned a window but they did allow us to enter prior to the window (depending on the CM).

I’m curious to see how they balance social distancing with the one set opening time. But, we are planning to get to the TTC 30 min prior to park opening (unless email provides different details)


It might be interesting to get there 60 min before but not get up into the queue. Just hang back where you can easily social distance and observe. Wait until after the first mass crowd enters and then stroll in. That would be a way to maximize time while balancing risk.

And put you in the best position to report back to us, of course! :laughing::popcorn:


Thanks for the replies~

We are naturally early risers, so I think we will be there early anyway. I have been looking for the referenced email from Disney and hope it will arrive soon.

I guess we will all find out together on Thursday morning! I look forward to reporting back.


I did post this question on chat and it is being discussed on another forum and it sounds like a lot of people are planning to arrive at 7 or 7:30 for a 9 am opening. Please report back on how it goes!

Please enjoy!!!

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