Rope Drop at AK and FOP

I am switching plans around (again! I’m addicted!) to see if getting to AK at RD would help us ride FOP more quickly if we can’t get FPPs. The plan says we’ll still wait for 123 mins first–where as if we wait to ride it later, we’ll wait 94 the day before. Is this true? If so, I’m going to keep my plan to be at HS at RD for two days, because I have a six year old who will just die if he can be in a Jedi training thing. :slight_smile:

If the park opens at 9 and you arrive at 9, yes the wait will be at least 2 hours. If you arrive at 8am, or even better 7.45, you’ll ride and be moving on by shortly after 9am.

You shouldn’t have any trouble signing up for Jedi Training Academy on your chosen day. Since TSL opened, it hasn’t been unusual for places still to be available mid morning.


Yes, this! I’d also recommend watching the rope drop videos that TP has put out on their YouTube channel. They have one for fop, sdmt, and the 3 main Epcot rides. The key is being at the front of the Rd crowd.


@missoverexcited: that makes sense–we’re absolutely willing to get there that early. And, that’s very helpful to know about the Jedi training.

When making my touring plan, should I just leave off anything that I’m planning to rope drop? So if we are at AK by 7:45 and go right to FOP, should I start my plan with Na’avi River Journey?

@Cgerres: I didn’t know about the videos! Thanks you, those are super helpful!

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I might leave them both off and start my plan from 9.30 or 9.45 personally. But yes you could start it at 9.15 with Navi. Optimise might move it to later though. You could try both.

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