Rope drop and Fast Pass +

Would one of our Fast Pass + choices go away if we happen to be able to get on the ride earlier than the Fast Pass + time? For example I reserve a Fast Pass+ for Buzz Lightyear at MK at 11:00 AM. However we are able to get to the park at rope drop and get right on the Buzz Lightyear ride when the park opens. What happens to my Fast Pass+ reservation for that ride at 11:00? Does it know I rode it earlier so it takes it away? Or does it leave it so I could ride Buzz Lightyear again at 11:00 using Fast Pass?


Your FP+ for 11 would remain. The FP+ reservation would only go away if you ride via the FP line (which you couldn’t until ~10:55 at the earliest) or the FP slot expires at ~12:15. So if you want to double dip on Buzz, RD it to ride in the first hour and then come back for your FP at 11 is a great strategy…

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Can we change or cancel a FPP?

Yes, as long as you do it before your reserved window.

Change it to another attraction (modify) so you do not have to wait to book another attraction.

Is this a glitch I heard about? Or say you modify it to a later FP, do you still need to wait for that FP time to pass in order to get another FP? (Did that make sense🙄)

If you cancel it does not count as a used fast pass. You need to use it or have it lapse .

Yes you would.

So you have your 3rd fp+ for Buzz at 11am. You modify it to 2pm (or change it to Pirates at 1). You need to wait until the new time and either tap in or let it expire before you can get another.

Is that what you wee asking?

Ok that’s what I thought. I thought there was some way to get around that, but I must be thinking of something else.

It used to work where you could cancel it but that no longer works.

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