Rope Drop and Early Entry

Our family has a Disney Trip planned for July. We will be staying onsite at POR. We have not been to the parks since they started the 30 min early entry at each park. I’m wondering how this works for the rope drop people that are NOT staying onsite. Will those people all be held outside the parks until official park opening time? For example, in the past, you could wonder around main street USA in MK before park opening-just couldn’t get to the attractions. If onsite guests are now being allowed in early-how does this work?

At MK, it’s like before Covid. Those offsite are let into Main Street as far as the hub, then held at the various ropes at the spokes to the lands. Onsite are scanned at the two ropes to the right of the castle, to be admitted early to Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Those are the only two areas open for EE.

At the other three parks, offsite are held outside the taps, I believe.

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